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Good eye care starts with an eye exam. Talk to your doctor or ophthalmologist if you have trouble with your vision. Itchy eyes, dry eyes, watery eyes, blurry vision-these are just a few symptoms of an eye or vision problem. Some eye problems are minor, some are contagious. Some are very serious; eye injuries require immediate medical attention. Ophthalmology or eye problems in adults can lead to various vision-related problems such as cataracts, refractive errors, glaucoma and surgical complications.

Consult a Ophthalmologist in case of :

  • Decreased vision, even if temporary
  • Distorted vision
  • A curtain or veil blocking vision
  • An eye injury or eye pain
  • Double vision
  • Loss of peripheral (side) vision

How can we help you?

Apollo Clinic Guwahati’s highly experienced ophthalmologists treat the whole range of eye diseases and disorders supported by advanced equipment and technologies. Besides, Apollo Clinic Guwahati offers a wide range of consultation services for the evaluation of patients with chronic eye problems and ophthalmology diseases.