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Apollo Health Festival brings you a variety of Health Screening Packages with upto 50% discount for you and your family. Our core mission is to provide the best outcome for every patient entrusted to our care. A lot of diseases include heart attacks, life style disorders, kidney diseases can be prevented by getting a health checkup on time.

You may have numerous excuses to avoid regular health checkups like ‘I am too young to get health checkups’, ‘I am busy’, ‘I am healthy and don’t need a health checkup’, ‘It is expensive’. However, there are scientific studies that prove that regular health checkups actually benefit in increasing the life expectancy and also help in saving money. Start your health journey with us. Get upto 50% discount for Full Body Check Up for yourself and your family members, valid till 31st January, 2022.

Say Yes to a Healthier Version of you this New Year! Apollo Health Festival is here with exciting Health Packages for you & your family members.

Get up to 50% OFF on Apollo Health Packages.

Free Sr. Doctor Consultation worth Rs 500. Free Sample Collection. Book Tests as per Convenience. 100% Accurate Results.

Express Health Check

Offer Price Rs 2500/-

Diabetic Health Check

Offer Price Rs 5900/-

Heart Check

Offer Price Rs 7450/-

Master Health Check

Offer Price Rs 7700/-

Executive Health Check

Offer Price Rs 9200/-

Whole Body Check

Offer Price Rs 12500/-

Comprehensive Health Check

Offer Price Rs 15500/-

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