Corporate Service

Now more than ever, the health of your business depends on the well-being of your workforce. Invest in corporate health services that keep your employees feeling their best. From COVID-19 preparedness to healthy lifestyle coaching, the health needs of your business are unique — and they’re always changing. Apollo Clinic is your partner for long-term wellness in the workplace, no matter what the future holds. 

Our corporate health services provide you with the resources to keep your employees safe and healthy. A skilled team of clinicians offers customized care, from in-depth employee health assessments to expert guidance on organizational health policies. 

Why Apollo Corporate Health Services?  

With private healthcare becoming more of a necessity rather than a privilege, The Apollo Clinic is able to provide a number of services to help you make the right decision when it comes to both your organization and your family’s healthcare. Whether it’s creating a bespoke company package or impartial support with private medical insurance from our in house brokers, The Apollo Clinic is more than capable of demonstrating how we can reduce overheads, answer those difficult medical questions and provide a more comprehensive offering, all under one roof. This approach combines preventive and reactive health provision to keep your staff healthy, happy and at work. 

We offer a range of medical services designed to help minimize sick leave and work absence. If required, we can provide additional tailored services such as onsite flu vaccinations or corporate testing for Covid-19 for all employees – radically reducing staff time away from the office due to healthcare issues and increasing employee productivity. 

Highlights of our corporate healthcare services include: 

Expert team: A specialist team of clinicians leads our corporate services programme. Your employees receive care from highly skilled Apollo Clinic GPs and other healthcare professionals. Employers receive expert guidance on organizational health policies and safety standards. 

Statewide recognition: Apollo Clinic is consistently named a top hospital and we’re also recognized as one of the Best Hospitals in Guwahati. Our Clinic location gives you and your employees access to the highest quality of care. 

Health Assessment: In-depth health assessments evaluate the mental and physical health of your employees to spot health risks and catch problems before they develop into serious issues. Employees meet with skilled doctors to review their results.

Corporate Services