best neurologist in guwahati

Dr. Vineet Kr Todi

MBBS, MD, DM Neurology (GIPMER, Delhi)

                Best Neurologist In Guwahati

With over 3 years of experience Dr. Vineet Kr Todi has been recognized as one of the best neurologist in guwahati, and a sought after name in the department of ‘Neurology’. Neurological problems are mostly longstanding disorders that can be treated over the time with proper medication and consulting the right specialized doctor. He has a strong educational background with a medical degree from a recognized institution and specialized training in neurology.


Field of excellence are:
•Nerve -muscle disorders
•Movement disorder
•Sleep disorder
•Muscle cramps
•Desensitization etc. 

best neurologist in guwahati

Dr. Hemanga Kr. Dhing

MBBS, MD - MEDICINE, DM - NEUROLOGY Experience: 10+ years

               Best Neurologist In Guwahati

Dr Hemanga Kumar Dhing is a one of the best neurologist of Guwahati with over 6+ years of vast experience in the field, specialising in treating brain and neurological diseases, including specialist stroke therapy. Dr. Dhing is currently associated with Apollo Clinic Guwahati.

Dr. Dhing specialises in the treatment of Bell’s Palsy, Ataxia, Cerebral Aneurysm, Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, Seizures, Strokes, and other neurological disorders. He received the “Young Investigator Award” at the 10th World Stroke Congress, which was held in Hyderabad in 2016.

 Dr. Dhing has treatments for long-term health concerns as well as interventions to avoid further advancement. He employs cutting-edge procedures to provide you with a very accurate diagnostic and is well-known for his exceptional critical care for neurovascular patients.

He is an experienced neurologist who provides outstanding neurological care backed by cutting-edge technologies and unique techniques to find the best individualised treatment for each patient. Whether it is a diagnosis or therapy, he is committed to giving patients and their loved ones expert and accurate advice and consolation throughout their treatment to ensure they get optimised health care, latest state-of-the-art facilities in an enriching and peaceful environment.