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Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy: How it harms your Kidneys

Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetes is something which affects almost all those people who tend to have a sedentary lifestyle. Most of the people tend to ignore the symptoms and it can lead to problems with your kidneys and lead to diabetes nephropathy. It is both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. According to the best diabetes doctors, more than 25% people with diabetes end up having kidney diseases. This disease can affect the normal functioning of the Kidneys which is bringing out the waste from our body.

Symptoms and causes of the Diabetic Nephropathy

When it comes to diabetes, it is a lifestyle disease which if not given proper care and attention will affect your organs like Kidney. And one such affect is the diabetic nephropathy. According to the nephrologists specialist  these are some of the symptoms of the disease:

  • Worsening Blood Pressure 

If your blood pressure is getting low, then it can be a symptom of diabetic nephropathy.

  • Protein Content in Urine

Another symptom is the content of protein in the urine in excess amount. This can also lead to kidney diseases.

  • Swelling of the Feet, Ankles, Hands and Eyes

Next symptom is the swelling of the feet or ankles which can also be a warning that you might have the kidney disease.

  • Increase in Urinating

Urinating frequently is good but if the frequency increases then it can be a sign that you have the disease.

  • Confusion and Difficulty in Concentrating

If you have difficulty in concentrating in your work then, there are chances you might have the disease.

  • Shortness of Breathe

Another common symptom of the disease is the shortness of breath. This is also another sign that lets you know that you have the disease.

Causes of the Diabetic nephropathy

Like other diseases their certain causes that lead to Diabetic nephropathy and these are some of the causes of the diabetic nephropathy:

  • Poorly Controlled Diabetes can Cause this Disease

When you ignore your diabetes and blood pressure over time, it will lead to kidney disease and this affects the normal functioning of the Kidneys.

  • High Blood Pressure can also Cause Diabetic Nephropathy

The high blood pressure can automatically affect your kidneys and will lead to kidney diseases. Hence, always keep a check on your diabetes and make sure that they are under control. This will help you prevent the Diabetic nephropathy.


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