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Ladies specialist doctor: Reasons to make timely visit

Due to social stigma against addressing women’s intimate health concerns, many women avoid seeing their ladies’ specialist doctors. Also, Women condition themselves to conceal their health issues. Also, societal embarrassment and family shame are always a priority before a woman’s health. However, women should visit ladies’ specialist doctors to take routine health checkups on time. Read here to know the best reasons to visit a ladies’ specialist doctor.


Ladies specialist doctor: Why make routine visits?


Clinical breast exam to eliminate all possibilities of cancer

An important first step in the diagnosis of a number of benign and malignant breast disorders is a clinical breast exam. Consequently, every woman should do a self-exam once a month. However, doing so in a clinical setting is crucial. Also, it is more accurate at picking up on subtle signs. For women over 40, clinical breast examinations are essential. However, according to a study, not enough women take timely breast examinations. So, this means that any early signs of breast cancer or other problems escape notice. 


Pregnancy-related issues

Most pregnant women in our country face discouragement from leaving their homes in their “condition”. Also, people consider it as a matter of shame. Therefore, problems come up during pregnancy. A woman is unsure of what to do. Also going to a hospital to speak with a ladies’ specialist doctor is often not favourable. Therefore, they wait till the problem becomes really serious and urgent. Additionally, the majority of women don’t have a designated obstetrician. This is true even in modern society. In fact, 65% of pregnant women consult random doctors. This exacerbates the issue of impersonal information, inconsistent medical advice, and false medical data. However, women can get the assistance and support they require by continuing their engagement with their ob/gyne doctor.


Irregular periods

It is highly concerning that menstruation is still a taboo topic in our country. Therefore, sometimes irregularities in menstrual cycles or changes in blood flow faced by females are overlooked. This is why conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis fail to get diagnosed. Additionally, they cause severe complications further down the line. Some women experience pregnancy-related problems as a result of these ailments. Therefore, this leads to social stigma and abuse from in-laws and family members. Hence, it is essential that any irregularity in the menstrual cycle is shared with your ladies’ specialist doctor.


Overall gynecological health

It is common for many women to have anxiety prior to seeing a gynecologist. However, consulting with a gynecologist can help you pay closer attention to one’s body.  Also, you may regulate your physical, sexual, and reproductive health with routine gynecological visits. This includes birth control, delivery, and menopause. Additionally, an ob/gyne performs surgery for pelvic organ or urinary tract issues, checks for malignancy, and treats infections. You can visit a ladies’ specialist doctor at any health facility near you for the same. Good gynecological health translates to a better life. One that is the birthright of every woman. Therefore, it should not be denied to her for any reason.

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