Omicron : Variant of Concern

The omicron variant, also known as variant B.1.1.529, is considered a “variant of concern” by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). First detected in South Africa in early November, the variant has spread to dozens of countries, including India. The virus is infecting people who had a prior infection at a much higher rate than previous variants we have seen. Preliminary reports suggest that it is also causing an increase in vaccine breakthrough infections.
This variant will soon hit many cities of India and Guwahati too. Book a Covid-19 test Now

Omicron will likely spread rapidly for which you must stay vigilant and do all you can to protect yourself and others. We do not yet know much about the severity of disease caused by this variant. It can generally be milder in people with a history of previous infection or vaccination. However, people with no form of protective immunity may experience similar patterns of disease severity as has been seen with earlier variants.

The only way we can avoid a critical situation is by getting vaccinated, wearing our mask regularly in public and most importantly, getting a RT-PCR done at first sign of any symptom. At Apollo Clinic, it’s easier than ever to get a Covid test done with online booking and quick reports generated. Apollo Clinic also offers FREE Home Sample Collection services through which you can book any test, without having to face the long queues, right at your doorstep. In the wake of the new variant, we should all be more cautious and better prepared to face this new challenge.