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The increasing stress and anxiety in today’s competitive environment have been leading to a significant rise in illness and other health ailments. Due to this, healthcare has been becoming one of the major concerns for people. At Apollo Clinic Guwahati we are at a constant endeavor towards offering the best treatment.

In this region, Apollo Clinic Guwahati is one of the foremost healthcare service providers which offer a wide range of flexible corporate health options. We have a specially designed healthcare system to cater to the need of the corporate world and its employees.

The corporate health check schemes that are offered at Apollo Clinic Guwahati are numerous and highly beneficial to the employees. As part of our corporate health service, we set up on-site centers at offices and provide required check-ups for employees, thus saving time and effort needed to reach our clinic location.  These services are highly customized and tailor-made to meet the specific needs and preferences of the corporate.

Importance of Employee Wellness in Corporate Setting

It’s always important to understand and agree that there’s a proven, direct connection between health and workplace productivity. Better health means lesser absenteeism which in turn means greater output. Being healthy increases concentration, energy levels, and ensures consistency in performance. Regular health check-ups help detect and prevent illnesses before they strike

How Apollo Clinic Guwahati make your dream of a healthy workforce come true?

Pre-employment Health Checks: To screen applicants for health factors that may affect their performance levels. This procedure usually is undertaken before or at the time of employee joining an organization

Customized Health Check Packages: Tailor-made preventive health packages to suit the profile of your employees and the nature of your business.  Based on need, such health checks can be done monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, and so on.

Onsite Corporate Health Camps: Health camps specifically designed to tackle commonly reported health issues and delivered by specialists

Health Risk Assessment: A systematic evaluation of your employees’ lifestyle to determine potential risk factors for their short-term and long term health

Vaccination Program: A unique prevention program that includes vaccination packages to protect employees from around 20 diseases

Why Apollo Clinic Guwahati is your best corporate health partner?

  • 16 years of healthcare excellence in North East India
  • The leader in preventive healthcare
  • Serving almost all corporate houses across Assam and North East India
  • The largest network of clinic and hospitals
  • Wide range of highly customized and tailored programs and packages
  • Healthier your staff, rosier your business prospects