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Apollo Clinic Guwahati is committed to delivering Apollo’s vision is to provide a successful working model of telemedicine, which self propagates throughout India and into the developing world. Situated in heart of the city Ulubari and Athgaon; Apollo Clinic Guwahati provides a channel for continuous access to the most sophisticated medical support systems at all times. Further, its telemedicine service continuously improves patient care, enhance medical training, standardize clinical practice, stabilize costs, and unite clinicians of this region.

The clinic aims at extending super-specialist services to every remote corner across Assam and the North-Eastern region by proactively using technological developments and imaging techniques to create benchmark standards in the field of medicine, health, and social care.

By doing so, Apollo Clinic Guwahati has been constantly working towards bridging the geographical distances and takes healthcare from the people who have it to those who don’t. The clinic specializes in imparting remote consultation and second opinion to remote sites where access to quality healthcare is difficult to reach.

Over 80% of the population of Assam and North Eastern Part of India live in the rural areas and remains devoid of quality healthcare. With the targeted adoption of telemedicine facilities, this scenario could change. The telemedicine service offered at Apollo Clinic Guwahati aims to deliver:

  • Reduction in the need to transfer patients to a site of medical expertise
  • Decrease in the reallocation of medical specialists to the patient
  • Better-organized and less costly healthcare
  • More effective and efficient use of medical and technological resources
  • Enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic quality of care
  • By increasing the levels of second opinion diagnosis between medical practitioners, more deaths can be prevented.

Providing Continuum of Care

With over 16 years of in-depth experience in delivering telemedicine, Apollo Clinic Guwahati has created the leading and trusted multi-specialty telemedicine service provider of Assam and North East. Being the pioneer of telemedicine service in the region, Apollo Clinic Guwahati’s telemedicine serves both the urban and rural communities by enhancing the accessibility of quality health. Its integrated telehealth delivery model provides services such as Tele Consultations, Tele Radiology, Tele Cardiology, Tele Condition Management, and Tele Emergency services among others.

Apollo Clinic Guwahati’s telemedicine service ensures that you receive consultations of the best doctors and services of Apollo’s healthcare ecosystem. Avail the benefits of our telehealth and telemedicine with our specialized remote healthcare services across Assam and NorthEast.