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The foundational principle of any laboratory test procedure is the correct collection, labelling, handling, and storage. These are prior to and during the testing process. Also, there is a risk of using specimens that are not properly collected, labelled, handled, or stored before and throughout the testing process. Moreover, it may compromise or even negate the validity of the test. However, this will cease to be a problem with the Apollo home sample collection.

Apollo Clinic Guwahati ensures the most meticulous collection and handling and sampling service for all its patients. Moreover, many people shy away from diagnostic testing. Also, they fear standing in line for hours at a diagnostic lab or hospital. Additionally, some patients need to have their blood tests done every couple of months. So, that they know the exact prognosis to help regulate their condition. Also, in many cases, it is not possible for patients to visit the hospital for tests. Therefore, for such patients, it is far more convenient to have their samples collected at home. Consequently, Apollo Clinic in Guwahati offers high-quality, service. Also, uses methodically tested samples, which are pivotal in determining the patient’s medical condition.


Apollo Diagnostics

Apollo Diagnostics provides the utmost ease of home sample collection. Also, keeps in mind the importance of correct and accurate health tests. Additionally, adopting the need to make diagnostic services user-friendly. It offers other critical services such as emergency ambulance service, 24/7 pharmacy, and critical services care and intensive care units. 

One can place a call to the Apollo help centre with the number available on our website (4444 2424). Additionally, inform us about the tests given in your prescription by your physician. Consequently, phlebotomists of Apollo will respond by coming to the patient’s door to collect samples. The patient can pick up the reports from the Apollo Lab centre by the next day.  Additionally, Apollo Lab centre can deliver the report to the patient’s home on a fee basis. Apollo Clinic’s extensive network of experts and easy-access call centres are easily available. Also, ensuring patients receive the best possible care from the comfort of their own homes. Thus making Apollo’s home sample collection process one of the best in the city.

Our sample collection centre goes as follows:

  1. Call 4444 2424 to book a sample collection appointment at home 
  2. We dispatch our phlebotomist to collect the sample from the location
  3. The phlebotomist collects the sample 
  4. The phlebotomist transfers the sample to our lab
  5. The lab takes samples to process it
  6. Report is generated

HASSLE-FREE BOOKING: quick, hassle-free booking for your home sample collection at Apollo Clinic.

APOLLO HOME SAMPLE COLLECTION DONE ON TIME: The phlebotomist sent to the site for sample collection will be qualified, vaccinated, and experienced, within the time slot booked.

STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT: Apollo always has the best equipment on hand to test the samples for the most accurate results.

COLD CHAIN LOGISTICS: In the heat, medical samples might spoil. Your test sample stays safe during shipment in our special carry bags with cold gel.

ON-TIME REPORTS: Our accredited labs are aware of your concerns and ensure that the results reach you in a proper way.


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