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Erectile dysfunction treatment & diagnosis for ED

In India, talking about sexual disability is more of a taboo. However, the reality is, it can occur to anyone no matter what gender. Also, having some essential knowledge can help you identify it early. Thus, helping in Erectile dysfunction treatment.

Asexologist specialist in Guwahati says that one of the most prevalent male sexual disorders observed is erectile dysfunction. It is so common that over 10 lakh cases are reported annually in India. Is this curable? Thankfully, yes! We have discussed this briefly in this blog. Keep reading to know more.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

It is the inability to get and sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Therefore, it is natural to have trouble with penis erection when you are stressed or grieving. ED diagnosis can lead to traumatic experiences for a man as it will make him feel impotent and incapable. It can even create intimacy tensions between spouses.

How Can You Be Sure You Have An Erectile Disorder?

Emotional turmoil can cause trouble in sustaining an erection. So, how can one differentiate between a temporary issue and chronic sexual dysfunction? Some symptoms are:

  1. Premature ejaculation
  2.  Failure to attain an orgasm
  3. Lack of sexual desire or low libido levels

If you experience these signs continuously for 2 months and above, you are most likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Similarly, if you suffer persistently, you too are vulnerable to ED.

Are you experiencing these symptoms? It could be erectile dysfunction. So, get treatment earlier to get your everyday life back. Visit Apollo Clinic Guwahati and talk to our best sexologist in Guwahati.

Why Should You Be Worried About Erectile Dysfunction?

Apart from creating tensions between partners in a marriage, ED could also point to other underlying health issues. For example, erectile dysfunction can occur due to one of the following illnesses that need immediate treatment.

  1. Blocked blood arteries and veins
  2. Heart problems
  3.  Hypertension
  4. Increased levels of LDL (bad cholesterol)
  5.  Parkinson’s disease
  6.  Diabetes
  7.  Multiple sclerosis
  8. Sleep disorders

What Are The Risk Factors Of ED?

The common risk factors that increase the chances of developing erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Smoking and Tobacco use can shrink your blood capillaries and decrease the blood supply to the penis. Erection is possible only when the penis receives an adequate amount of blood.
  2. Obesity can also hinder the blood supply to your penis.
  3.  Injury in your penis by damage of arteries or nerves.
  4.  A botched-up surgery that damages your nerves or spinal cord.
  5. Prostate cancer therapy or surgery.
  6. Increased alcohol consumption or drugs.

Erectile dysfunction treatment & What Is The Diagnosis For ED?

Your doctor may initiate the diagnosis with a physical examination. Tests that are commonly performed are:

  1. Simple blood tests to examine your testosterone levels, cholesterol, and blood sugar
  2. A Physical examination of the penis and testicles
  3.  Blood pressure check
  4. Rectal exam to check your prostate.
  5.  Other tests to find if there is any issue with the flow of blood in your penis

Generally, doctors may ask about your sexual and medical history. Although this may seem like intruding on your personal life, do not be hesitant or embarrassed. So, they only want to find the root of the disease and give the best possible treatment to cure it. Therefore, be honest while answering the questions.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable?

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is a completely curable condition. However, in case the findings indicate the cause to be psychological, sexual counseling is recommended. So, opening up to a counselor can significantly help you to break those mental barriers that are limiting your ability to get an erection.

If the reason for your problem is due to some of your medicines, your physician may lower the dose or alter the prescription. Also, if the issue is because of other reasons, you will be offered medications to enhance the flow of blood to your penis. Thus, increasing the possibility of an erection. However, depending on your condition, the prescription can be allopathic or herbal. Also, you can discuss this with your doctor and decide what medication to choose. Moreover, in some cases, treatment can include therapy. Also, it is essential to remember that ED is curable with the proper medications and attitude.

Bottom Line

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder among men. However, you do not have to feel ashamed about it. Like any other medical condition, ED is curable when the correct treatment is provided. Hence, if the diagnosis shows ED, get treatment from the best hospitals to avoid post-treatment complications. You can visitApollo Clinic-Guwahati to consult and get treatment from the best sexologist in Guwahati. With the treatment from our specialty doctors, you can lead a healthy and active sex life.

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