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symptoms of brain tumour

Headache: Is it a symptoms of brain tumour?

Are headaches really a symptoms of brain tumour ?

Most of us have headaches that are quite common and sometimes we even tend to ignore them. However, it is not always good to ignore the headache because there are certain headaches that are not to be ignored and they are called the migraine headaches. This is because they come with other symptoms like nausea which will make us want to go check-up. But what happens when the headache recurs. Then you must be extremely cautious because it can be due to a brain tumour. Thus, never ignore headaches even if it is a normal headache, make sure you go for thorough check up.

Symptoms and Causes of the Headache

According to the neurologist doctor there are certain symptoms of the migraine headache that can be also be the symptoms of brain tumour. But before we go into the symptoms, we will know about the causes of the headache:

  • Common allergies
  • Loud sounds/ jarring music
  • Change in temperatures
  • lack of sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Eating any food that is not suitable for you
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Obesity
  • Hereditary
  • Menstrual cycle related
  • Medications or Hormone therapy.

Symptoms of the migraine headache:

Sometimes, the symptoms of the headache are mild but then do not ignore these symptoms even if they are mild because they can be related to brain tumour. According to the neurology doctor, these are some of the symptoms:

  • Feeling of Sickness or Dullness

Most of the times we experience sickness or dullness, this can be a common symptom of migraine headache.

  • Vomiting 

Another symptom that is most common with migraine is vomiting.

  • Nausea

Next is feeling of nausea. This is also another common symptom of the migraine headaches.

  • Vision Problems

Sometimes people experience problems in vision. They are not able to focus properly. This can lead to problem with your work.

  • Inability to do Daily Activities

If you are unable to do daily activities as you were used to before then, it can be because of the migraine headache.

  • Increased Amounts of Headache

Most people who have headaches tend to ignore the pain but if the pain persists then, it is certainly related to migraine headache.

  • Headache Accompanied by Stomach or Abdominal Pain 

Another more important symptoms are the headaches that are accompanied with stomach or abdominal pain.Hence, these are some of the symptoms of the headache or migraine headache that you should be aware of, to be able to seek timely opinion from an expert.

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