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Urinary tract infections in women

Things That Women Should Know About UTI

Urinary tract infections are the most common example of bacteria overruling the body’s defence mechanism. Let us learn a little more about UTIs today.

Did you know that our body is housing several bacterias in and on it? We have various kinds of bacteria present in our body to help us function and live. But have you ever wondered what happens if these bacterias overtake the organic bodily system at work?

Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are infections caused in one or more than one part of a urinary system consisting of kidneys, bladder, urethra, and uterus. The infections are developed when the bacterias overrule the body’s defence system present in the urinary tract. According to a kidney specialist doctor, women are more susceptible to the development of urinary tract infections in comparison to men.

Signs And Symptoms

Depending upon the spread of the infection, the signs and symptoms will differ in number and intensity. But usually, the following symptoms are observed in women, who are suffering from UTI’s as identified by diagnostic centres.

    1. There is difficulty in the organic process of urination. It may be accompanied by a burning sensation of different intensity. There could be blood found in urine as well.
    1. A person having developed UTI gets persistent urges to urinate at any given point in time. But they can pass urine only in small amounts.
    1. The urine has a strong and unusual smell. There is also a difference in the colour of the urine.
    1. If the infection spreads further in the body and reaches the kidneys, there would be some amount of sweating and shivering that a person may experience.
    1. Along with this, most people recognise the increase in body temperature at the beginning of the development of UTI.

These are signs you should look out for to diagnose UTI early on. But taking consistent measures to prevent UTIare necessary to maintain the health of reproductive organs in general. Let us see what we can do to prevent the development of UTI.

Prevention Of UTIs

Kidney specialist doctor claims that it is possible to avoid and stay away from urinary tract infections if proper hygiene is maintained and care is taken. Following are some of the measures mentioned by the diagnostic centre to prevent UTIs:

    1. Pay Attention To Your Food And Fluids

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that half the complications related to our health would be reversed if you paid attention to our food intake mindfully. To prevent the development of urinary tract infections, you can do the same. It is advised to pay careful attention to the ingredients of the food that you are eating. Continuous consumption of foods loaded with salts and spices may reduce the efficiency of a defence system of the urinary tract. Along with that, if you are not drinking enough water, there is less scope for the urinary system to maintain internal hygiene. Hence, drinking plenty of water is advised in general but even more when you are going to eat extremely spicy food.

    1. Hygiene Is Key.

After each urination process, cleaning yourself is important. One can make use of tissues to wipe off the excess urine that may turn out to be problematic if it isn’t wiped. The same should be followed after passing stools. It restricts the spreading of harmful bacteria from the anal region right up to the vaginal region and vice versa. This should be diligently followed while one is menstruating.

    1. Keep A Close Eye On Your Reproductive Health And Sexual Practices. 

Your reproductive system and urinary system are aligned parallelly and perform a few functions together. Hence, paying attention to the health of the other is necessary. Using the items that you might be allergic to should be avoided. Many people develop UTI after switching their contraceptives. So before making that switch, one should weigh the pros and cons accordingly. The ingredients of various lubricants should be checked before making use of them. At times they may contain ingredients that you might be allergic to. At the same time, after every sexual intercourse, emptying the bladder helps in flushing out the bacteria that might have entered the body.

If you want to know about the specific things that your urinary system might be allergic to, you should visit Apollo Clinic Guwahati.

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