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General Physicians in Apollo Guwahati

   General Physicians In Apollo clinic Guwahati

  • MBBS, Assam medical college, 2001
  • MD, MED  Guwahati medical college. 2006
  • 14 years of clinical experience.
  • Consultant and head:  dept. of critical care. Apollo hospitals Guwahati
  • An IDDCM and DNB teaching institute.
  • Distinguished clinical tutor: AHERF, an Apollo initiative
  • Medicine consultant, Apollo clinic. Guwahati
  • Sleep consultant: Medifit, ne first sleep apnea lab

Dr. Rakesh Periwal is a Critical Care Specialist consultant at the Apollo Clinic in Guwahati, type in google as general physician near me you will get the info, Dr. Rakesh has had 14 years of clinical experience in general care for nearly all medical disorders, including those affecting the cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, neurological, hematological, or endocrine systems, among others, with specialization in sleep disorders, Just type ” general physicians near me” in google and you will get the doctors details.

He has over 20 years of critical care medicine expertise in Assam and India, establishing himself in the medical arena as one of the best medicine doctor in Guwahati. He has created and certified several recommendations for postoperative pain treatment, as well as a 24-hour critical care outreach programme to assist ICUs and hospitals around the city.

Dr. Periwal has taught advanced life support provider courses, participated in several international and national events, and published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. He is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with his patients and their families. He delivers ongoing patient-centered care while employing cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technology.




Experience: 15+ years

Dr. Siddhartha Goswami is an experienced physician based in Guwahati with 15+ years of post-specialization expertise in addresses all kinds of acute and chronic health conditions including difficult ones such as Cardiovascular, diabetic, pulmonary, respiratory tract infections, joint aches and tropical disease-related illnesses using cutting-edge technology, type in google as general physician near me you will get the info

Dr. Goswami, as one of the best medicine doctor in Guwahati, provides comprehensive general care in an outpatient environment as well as comprehensive treatment to hospitalized patients of all ages suffering from a variety of diseases, as well as imparting excellent health advice and professional counseling to aid a quick recovery, as well as collaborating with other specialized divisions to approach medical issues from in a holistic way. As an internist, he is competent at delivering individualized and effective care to all patients, as well as follow-up visits to guarantee total recovery, type in google as general physician near me you will get the info.

Dr. Goswami is expert at effectively diagnosing and treating patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, metabolic syndromes, rheumatological diseases, and hemophilia. Furthermore, when a patient has many super-specialty diseases, he has a unique role to play in altering medicine and offering holistic therapy.




Experience: 20+ years

Dr. Sadiqul Islam is an Internal Medicine Specialist currently associated with Apollo Clinic in Guwahati. Additionally, he has an experience of 20+ years under his belt. Dr. Islam has done his MBBS from Guwahati Medical College and subsequently, his MD in Internal Medicine. He is well-liked by patients and his contemporaries because of his compassionate demeanor. Consequently, when dealing with a patient’s condition, he has an attentive way of carefully understanding all issues. Thus resolving them. If you need any information, type in google as a general physician near me you will get the info you require.

Dr. Islam has been a conscientious student throughout his distinguished academic career. He successfully achieved honours in a number of subjects. Also, he possesses various prestigious national and international credentials. Dr. Islam is committed to his career and his concern for patients has aided his progress. Today he is considered one of Assam’s finest physicians. Also, his amazing performance has garnered him national fame. He has also offered effective medical counsel in difficult situations for the past 19 years. Dr. Islam has been designing and carrying out groundbreaking interventional studies in medicine. He is an exceptional teacher and has made substantial contributions to health education. Thus cementing his reputation firmly as one of the best medicine doctors in Guwahati.  So, Just type ” general physicians near me” in google and you will get the doctors’ details.




Experience: 30+ years

Dr. Pranab Jyoti Das is an Internal Medicine Specialist based in Apollo Clinic, Guwahati. Additionally, he has an experience of over 30 years as an Internist. So, Dr. Das has dealt with various medical conditions successfully including hypertension, diabetes, all infectious illnesses/autoimmune disorders, poison cases, and cardiac-associated situations. He also provides a range of non-surgical health care to adult patients.

This well-known physician has garnered several honors. Additionally, he has about 30 years of experience in patient consulting. Dr. Pranab Jyoti Das is an exceptional intensive care expert. Moreover, he has worked with patients suffering from a range of respiratory and serious diseases.

Dr. Das builds long-term connections with his patients on a regular basis. Thus guaranteeing continuity of care. Also, he treats common medical problems. Consequently, he is concerned with your whole physical and mental well-being. Dr. Das is an important element of a broader healthcare system. Therefore, he is trying to maintain, improve, and restore your health. His methods include research, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries and diseases. 




Experience : 5+ years

Dr. Siddharth Sehgal is an established Physician associated with Apollo Hospital Guwahati. Also, he is a Physician and Diabetologist with 19 years of medical expertise. He graduated from Kasturba Medical College with an MBBS in 2000.  Subsequently, migrated to the United States of America. Then he relocated to West Africa in 2017 as the Director of Operations for Primus Health Care, Benin, and Nigeria. Dr. Siddharth Sehgal was a Consultant Physician at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Rohtak Road, New Delhi. Also, Medical Care Clinic, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, prior to his current role.

Dr. Siddharth is an expert in identifying and treating a wide range of human ailments and injuries. Also, he has a thorough awareness of medication characteristics and interactions. He is well used to procedural approaches and preventative healthcare practices. Additionally, he is capable to give psychological evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation to individuals. Especially to people suffering from mental and physical disorders.  Thus Dr. Siddharth has extraordinary decision-making talents, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities to determine the best treatment approach. Dr. Siddharth has a remarkable ability to clearly explain physical concerns as well as treatment options. Therefore, patients understand what is going on with their bodies and how treatment might assist them. So, he is generally accepted as one of the best medicine doctors in Guwahati.

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