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fungal ear infection

Fungal ear infection: Causes, symptoms & prevention

A fungal ear infection is a common condition that can lead to hearing loss. The root cause is a fungus (most often Candida). Also, the fungus grows in the ear canal and spreads to the inner ear.  Thereby, symptoms include otitis media, a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear, and fever. Consequently, there is an inability to hear properly. Therefore, treatment includes antibiotics and antifungals. Also, pain relief medication. If there is no treatment,  fungal ear infections can progress to more serious conditions such as meningitis.


Fungal ear infection (Otitis Media): What you need to know

Ear infection, also known as otitis media, is an infection of the middle ear. The middle ear is an air-filled depression between the tympanic layer and the internal ear. The center ear additionally comprises three small bones and ossicles. These include the round window, the oval window, and the Eustachian tube. A person suffers from an ear infection when several entities contaminate it. Ear infections are common in children. Generally, bacteria or viruses trap liquid behind the eardrum. Consequently, causing torment and enlarging/swelling of the eardrum. Several medicines can get rid of ear infections, including antibiotics and pain relievers.


Causes of fungal ear infection

  •  Bacteria and viruses create ear infections.
  • It begins after a cold.
  • Such an infection begins after a respiratory issue (infection).


 Signs and Symptoms of fungal ear infection

  • Ear pain is the most common form of ear infection symptoms.
  • Loss of appetite occurs more in children.
  • There is irritability.
  • The pressure in the ear while sleeping might worsen the situation and thus sleep hours change.
  • Fluid generally brown, yellow, or white might seep from the infected ear. However, it is not ear wax. It also indicates that the eardrum rupture.
  • An individual might not be able to hear clearly hear.  

Preventive measures for fungal ear infections

Ear infections can be treated with the help of several medications. Also, if you put in some effort, you can treat it yourself. Some of the preventive measures to treat otitis media are:

  • It is better not to do second-hand smoking.
  • Allergies should be controlled or treated at the earliest.
  • It is better to keep yourself as well as your child to away from the cold.  Since ear infection generally begins after a cold.
  • Get vaccinations. It helps to increase your immunity.


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