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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Liver Health

How to improve liver health ?

A healthy liver is a secret to overall good health and well-being. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. All the blood that leaves the intestine and stomach passes through the liver. In fact, the liver performs the vital functions of processing the blood to balance, break down, and create nutrients. So, the different parts of the body can use them. The liver essentially cleanses the body and frees it of all harmful chemicals and residue.

The liver is a storehouse for glucose in our body. Also, it gives us a dose of instant energy when we need it. Plus, it produces bile that helps break down the fats present in the food we eat. The liver performs so many important functions, and hence, it should be kept healthy and protected. An unhealthy liver could cause major health complications.

However, due to the fast-paced and modern lifestyles, we lead, it has become very difficult to take good care of our liver and keep it healthy. From unhealthy beverages to oily junk food — we gulp down any kind of instant food that we can find, without thinking about the harmful effects it has on our body, especially our liver.

Everything you eat or consume, including alcohol as well as medicines, passes via the liver. It is for this reason that your liver should be treated in the right way so that it performs its functions properly and stays healthy. After all, a healthy liver is the secret to a healthy and longer life.

Here are some of the useful tips recommended by a liver specialist to improve the health of your liver and prevent any kind of liver operation or transplant.

 Avoid Alcohol Intake: You may like drinking alcohol, but unfortunately, alcohol is your liver’s worst enemy. Excessive alcohol intake damages the cells in the liver resulting in life-threatening ailments, including cirrhosis.

 Have Good Nutrition: Maintain a healthy nutrition level in your body. Also, maintaining a healthy body weight could prevent the risk of NAFLD — Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease — because NAFLD can eventually result in cirrhosis. Ensure that you supply the right nutrients to your body.

 Monitor the medicines you take: There are certain medicines that could harm the liver. Also, if you take alcohol regularly and certain medicines, then it could harm the liver. Also, certain medicine combinations could prove to be harmful to the liver. Therefore, you should seek expert advice and consultation from the doctor. Additionally, consult medical practitioner at a diagnostic centre about your medical history and the side effects of the drugs that you intake.

 Drugs for cholesterol can harm the liver: According to the liver specialist, certain types of cholesterol drugs could cause side effects that could result in liver problems. Hence, you should discuss the side effects of the medicines with the doctor before taking the medications.

These are some of the lifestyle changes and precautions that you should take to improve and maintain the better health of the liver. If you are seeking a trusted diagnostic centre, then you must visit Apollo Clinic today.

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