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is vitiligo hereditary

Is Vitiligo Hereditary ?



Is Vitiligo Hereditary ?


Vitiligo is a skin- disorder. It is a disease that makes the skin change its color in patches. Also, the part of the skin that loses its color starts expanding with time. This skin condition affects the outer skin. Additionally, it affects parts like hair and the inside of the mouth. There is a particular type of cell located at the epidermis base, that produces melanin. Melanin is responsible for producing, hair, eye, and skin pigmentation in the human body. Therefore, when the cells producing melanin stop functioning, you may ask a question, Is Vitiligo Hereditary? , Yes it is!  Vitiligo might attack people with any kind of skin type. However, this skin condition s not life-threatening or severe. However, you might be stressed or feel bad due to people’s reactions. Also, Vitiligo is not contagious. 


Signs and Symptoms:

  • There will be a loss of skin colour that generally appears on the hands, face. Also, around body parts with openings and genitals.
  • Change of hair, eyelash, eyebrow colour, or even beard.
  • The tissues that line the inside of the mouth and nose start losing colour.



 Vitiligo occurs when the cell-producing melanin stops functioning. However, there are several distinct causes that doctors or researchers think might be the reason for vitiligo. They are-

  • A family history
  • A disorder in the immune system
  • Skin trauma


Preventive Measures:

Frankly speaking, there is no cure for vitiligo. However, certain therapies are carried out to create a uniform skin tone. Some of them are as follows-


  1. Camouflage Therapy: It is a system of cosmetic techniques. Also, it uses makeup to cover certain areas of the human body.
  2. Repigmentation Therapy: Here, corticosteroids can be taken orally (as a pill) or topically (as a cream put on the skin). 
  3. Light Therapy: It is a therapy that uses psoralen (a plant-derived substance) with photochemotherapy (light therapy). This helps return colour to light patches.
  4. Surgery: Certain surgeries are carried out like autologous skin grafts. Also, skin from one part of the body helps to cover another part of the body.
  5. Counselling: Vitiligo sometimes happens to be a big issue for some and stressful. It can cause psychological distress.  So, a healthcare provider might ask you to find a counsellor or attend a support group.


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