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how to prevent heart disease

How to prevent heart disease? Recommended by Cardiologists !

Ever thought of how to prevent heart disease ? then this article is for you, today we  live in an era where our bodies are prone to so many diseases And therefore, it is the need to be more conscious regarding our health. Global Burden of Diseases reported in the year 2016 that around 1.72 million Indians suffer from heart diseases. And the concerning thing is that even the youth today is getting highly prone to being affected by heart diseases. In the past 26 years, the death rate has increased by 34%, and it is an alarming thing. Therefore, we need to be on the lookout for our health.

One should always get diagnosed every six months. It reduces the risk of your health being affected very suddenly. Also, if any disease is starting to build up, you can detect them early.

There are some lifestyle hacks that you can follow. They have been recommended by a cardiologist and can help you prevent heart diseases. Let’s get to know about them in detail:

  1. Include more plant-based diets:

This helps to reduce pressure on your heart. Eating junk food and other processed food acts as artery-blocking items. Therefore, including more fruits and vegetables would be a healthier lifestyle option.

  1. Include exercise in your routine:

Exercising helps to maintain not only your body weight but also acts as a toxin remover for the body. It helps in muscle relaxation and removes stiffness from the body. It helps to control the blood pressure and other elements that keep your heart healthy. So exercising is a key point to remember when it comes to keeping your heart healthy.

  1. Good sound sleep:

Most of the cardiologists would suggest you have a sound sleep. Having a good sleep does not mean that you sleep for a long period. Usually, it is recommended to have 6 to 7 hours of sleep. However, you can sleep less or more, depending on how fresh or fatigued you feel. But you must sleep on time and have a sound sleep.

  1. Keep your body weight in check:

If you have bodyweight in check, it is less likely that you suffer from heart diseases. But if your body weight is high, it means you can suffer from obesity or other diseases. They can pose a risk to your head. So, you must maintain your body weight at such a level that it is not risky you for your heart, and it does not cause harm to your body.

  1. Always get checked:

As already stated, one should get themselves diagnosed at least once or twice a year. If you feel uneasy or have had a lifestyle change, you should take care more.  Getting yourself checked can reduce the risk of any fatal disease to be riskier.  Also, you can detect how to prevent heart disease at an early stage if it is damaging your body.These are some of the most important tips that you can receive from a cardiologist. You can always search for the ‘diagnostic centers near me’ and get yourself checked to make sure you are not suffering from any disease.

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