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Best gynaecologist in guwahati

Best gynaecologist in guwahati, For Natural child Birth !

Best gynaecologist in guwahati,

Ever seen a pregnant woman seemingly doing well during natural childbirth? She is already a mother and knew what to expect is partly actual; the more significant reason is she has done her preparations correctly. 

A cute part of pregnant life is feeling your baby kick your womb as they grow bigger each day. But, there is more to pregnancy than just your baby The womb is not just a safe place for your child before seeing the world, but something fundamental. You will be better prepared for the delivery date if you can understand how to care for your womb. 

Preparation for your delivery does not begin when you are a few months apart from the due date. Instead, it starts from the moment you learn that you are going to be a mother. Your body has a life inside, and every day matters for your baby’s health.

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In this blog, you will learn about the essentials to get you prepared for natural childbirth. 

  • Maintain a balanced pregnancy diet

Often complications during natural childbirth arise mainly due to poor uterus health. As mentioned earlier, the uterus or the womb is more than a dwelling place for your baby. This vital organ is the primary source of your strength to force and push the fetus out. So, a healthy and nourished uterus is necessary for you to possess stamina and strength during the labour contraction.

A healthy diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your uterus. You must ensure your body gets an adequate amount of vital nutrients during pregnancy to keep your uterus in good condition for safe delivery. A balanced pregnancy diet will boost the blood supply to your organs and thereby nutrient absorption. Most importantly,  it nourishes your baby too.

  • Fitness=Better preparation

Doctors highly recommend physical activity during pregnancy not just to keep your weight under control but to prepare your mind and body for labour contractions. The more you are physically active, the better you will perform on the D-day. 

A routine fitness plan will help you gain stamina, add muscle strength and be stress-free. Exercises will also help you to monitor even minor yet vital details, like breathing rhythm, relaxation, tensions, and flexibility- things that are imperative in natural childbirth. 

During labour, the doctor will urge you to relax and keep your breathing rhythm going. You will do much better in those situations if you are physically and mentally fit. 

  • Get expert advice

As a pregnant woman, it is vital to be aware and well informed about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and natural childbirth. It is highly beneficial to attend pregnancy classes periodically that focus on natural delivery to educate you. Pregnancy is a 10 month long meticulous journey, and you would not want anything to go wrong in childbirth because of your ignorance. You will handle it better if you know everything about it. 

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  • Educate your companion

Being in labour is a difficult time, and whoever is accompanying you during delivery should be well aware of the basics of childbirth. It may be your husband, mother, or friend who accompanies you; they should be well-educated on childbirth. Take them along for childbirth classes and prepare them. 


Natural childbirth is excruciatingly painful, both physically and mentally. But, if you are aware of what you would experience, you will perform better and deliver the baby without any complications. Maintain a healthy diet, be fit, educate and learn about childbirth, teach your partner, and seek expert advice from a diagnostic centre in Guwahati if you have any doubts about being more cautious. 

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